Unlike other medically based weight loss programs, Medical WeightLoss & Wellness, Inc., focuses exclusively on weight loss. We employ a synergistic approach which includes a ketogenic diet, oral vitamin supplements, vitamin injections, supportive counseling by a nurse and prescriptive therapy (optional and only if medically indicated).


Our process has been proven to be effective and regularly results in the loss of 12-20 lbs. in the first month! Our program is successful in part due to a strict protocol that recommends weekly office visits. The dietary directions are simple and exact…..a roadmap of sorts.


Overall, our goal is to accomplish significant weight loss so as to prevent and/or reduce future health problems as well as alleviate anxiety/frustration over past, unsuccessful attempts at dieting and weight control. Most important, our plan is about lifestyle change. We intend to teach you techniques and empower you with knowledge so you may maintain the weight loss achieved. We will work on breaking negative eating habits so you may develop positive ones. Our hope is you partake in a more active, healthy lifestyle, enjoying renewed self-esteem as well as a stronger/healthier mind, body and spirit.

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