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Emerald™ is a non-invasive laser designed to remove excess body fat and reduce overall body circumference

The Newest Technology in Fat-Loss


After a decade of searching for fat-reduction technology that is safe, effective, beneficial

for patients of all shapes and sizes, and complementary to the Medical WeightLoss &

Wellness, Inc. dietary program, we are thrilled to introduce you to the Emerald™ Laser!

It is the ONLY technology of its kind in the region (including Wisconsin and Illinois) to

offer this FDA approved fat reduction technique!

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Emerald laser

How does the Emerald™ laser reduce fat?

Emerald™ low-level laser therapy technology creates microscopic pores on the membrane (outer surface) of

the fat cells, allowing for its contents (fatty acids and toxins) to easily exit the cell. Once released from the fat

cell, its contents exit through the lymphatic system to be used as energy or processed as waste. These

microscope pores are open for 72-hours following each Emerald™ laser treatment.

What areas of the body can the Emerald™ laser treat?

Mid-section (abdomen), flanks (“love handles” or “muffin-top”), hips, chest/back, chin/jawline/neck, thighs,

ankles/calves, arms, and buttock. Virtually anywhere fat cells grow and accumulate!

The Emerald™ laser reduces overall body circumference. As such, the Emerald™ laser allows for a greater

area of treatment coverage. For example, if one chooses to treat the abdomen, by the nature of the Emerald™

laser, treatment will include the entire abdomen, flanks, and mid-to-low back.

What sort of results can I expect?

  • The results of the Emerald™ laser vary from patient-to-patient. Optimal results occur when treatmentsare done 1-2 times per week. Most patients will begin to notice fat reduction after four 30-minute treatment sessions.
  • Depending on the area of the body being treated, an average circumferential loss of 3-6” may occur.

Treatment details:

  • Each treatment session is 30-minutes in length
  • For best results, we recommend 1-2 treatment sessions per week (minimum of approx. 48-hours apart)
  • Number of treatment sessions needed is dependent on individual goals


What happens if I am to gain weight in the future after receiving Emerald™ laser treatments?

Emerald™ laser fat reduction is permanent as long as one continues to adhere to a healthy lifestyle. If weight

gain occurs, one will likely accumulate fat where fat had been lost previously.

Unlike other fat reduction technologies, the Emerald™ laser does not kill or harm fat cells. Fat cells are a vital

part of our endocrine system. Treatments that kill fat cells may harm your metabolic system and can decrease

your natural metabolism rate; this may open the door to more vicious cycles of future weight gain.


How much do Emerald™ laser treatments cost?

We offer a variety of treatment packages starting at $2400. Please feel free to call us to schedule a FREE

15-minute in-office or telephone consultation at (414) 306-6315.

Do you offer CareCredit?

We certainly do! For additional information, to explore financing options, or to apply for CareCredit, please



What is the difference between Emerald™ laser and CoolSculpting?

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