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Referral Program


We want to recognize you for sharing your weight loss success with others. For every friend that mentions your name when filling out their “New Start" paperwork, you will receive 1 FREE weekly visit or 2 FREE shot-only visits.

“I Was Welcomed With Open Arms”

“From the moment I walked through the doors of Medical WeightLoss & Wellness, Inc. I was welcomed with open arms and smiling faces. As I sat in the waiting room waiting to go back, I took everything in, the Vince Lombardi quote on the wall, the before and after book. With all the inspiring things, I was 100% ready to go! At my first weigh-in appointment, I was already 10.9 pounds down! I want to say THANK YOU to all of you. Although I’m 58 years old, I truly feel that proverbial 10 years younger since losing a total of 70 pounds and changing my lifestyle. My knees and ankles don’t hurt, I don’t snore at all, and instead of wearing XXL shirts and tight 42” waist pants, I’m wearing large shirts and loose 36” waist pants! You all have inspired me over the past year and when I look back at the things I need to be thankful for in my life, MWLW and all of you, made the top of my list just under my family!”

We provide support, education, and expert advice based on your individual needs, all within a positive and professional environment.

New Start Visit - $245

History / Physical Consultation

 EKG & Vital Signs

Weight, Body Fat Percentage, Fat Mass, Body Mass Index, Water Weight on our Tanita scale

Waist Measurement

Pharmaceutical Grade Multivitamin and Calcium Pyruvate (one month supply)

Nutritional Instruction & Diet Plan

Labs: Complete Metabolic Panel, Complete Blood Count, Thyroid Function & Cholesterol Panel

Medication: Prescriptive or Non-Prescriptive

Fat burning Injection: Vitamin B12/MIC

Ketosis Strips: Bottle of 100

Weekly Visits - $39

Counseling & Support with Registered Nurse

Vital Signs

Weight, Body Fat Percentage, Fat Mass, Body Mass Index, Water Weight on our Tanita scale

Medication: Prescriptive or Non-Prescriptive (as needed, $28 if refilled)

Fat Burning Injection: Vitamin B12/MIC


B12/MIC Injection: $15

Lipotonix Plus Injection $20

Ketosis Strips: Bottle of 100 $12

Food Scale $10

Pharmaceutical Grade Multivitamin $15

Calcium Pyruvate $25

Forms of Payment

We currently accept the following forms of payment:

Cash Payments

Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, & American Express)

We DO NOT accept personal checks

We DO accept FSA and HSA for plan participants

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